Frequently Asked Questions

Mon.-Sun. 10am-3pm How much does it cost? Our rates are $10.00 for a 3 mile trip and $15.00 for six miles. Our rates include shuttle service, tube rental and parking.

What do we need to bring?

Life jackets are recommended. We have a few we loan out but we cannot guarantee a fit. We also recommend sunscreen and a waterproof bag for anything you take on the river. Keep in mind, all valuables including keys should not be on the river. We hold keys and we recommend locking your valuables in your car.

Do we need shoes?

Shoes are not required but definitely recommended. This is a natural river and there is no way of knowing what is located at the bottom. There may be times you are required to walk in the river. Things you may encounter while tubing is rocks, trees, branches and wildlife.

Do you have group rates?

We do. Groups of 25 or more get $2.00 off per tube for the 3 mile trip and $3.00 off per tube for the 6 mile trip.

Are there any restrictions on children?


Do you sell food?

We do not sell food, but recommend bringing snacks or a picnic lunch.

Tell me about the restaurants in this area.

Good question! Green River Barbeque is located in Saluda about six miles from here. In Columbus, you can try local favorites like Calvert’s Kitchen, Side Street Pizza and El Sureno Mexican Restaurant. There are also several fast food favorites in Columbus.

Can we bring alcohol?

NC state law forbids alcohol within 100 ft of a river. Local law enforcement patrols the river and enforces this law.